Please Be Careful With My Heart wins the heart of Pinoys

There is one new thing added  in my morning routines.Besides doing the chores, writing and reading.  I  am now hooked to this new teleserye of ABS-CBN called  Please Be careful with My Heart. Yes it is a teleserye in the morning that is tastefully done. Well, I am lucky that I work at night and I can catch this teleserye which is being aired at 10:30 every morning.

As I observed in the past years, teleseryes that has the best characters and good story and has lots of potentials are being placed in the primetime which is between 6pm to 11pm (as high rating of those shows collate more advertisements).  On the other hand, most of teleseryes or telenovelas before which is on the day time or afternoon slots were mostly the ones that has less potentials . Sometimes, those teleseryes were just made to introduce new artist/s or just a break given to artists who wants to do a come back to show business.  Well, this is how broadcasting companies do the business.  But fearless to say, ABS-CBN is doing a great job for its teleseryes including  Be careful in My Heart despite of its morning slot.  Because with its beautiful casts, including the leads Jodi Santa Maria and Richard Yap, and good and refreshing story,  people were suprisingly makes time to watch the show every morning.

As proof to this,  The show has even garnered TV rating of 21. 7%,  its highest rating so far since their pilot episode last July 9,2012.  It is now considered to be the number show on day time for the last two weeks.

I myself, find the characters and the story amusing. Richard Yap,  looks awesome and even more “macho” to his role as Mr. Lim who is a hard-working CEO and at the same time a single-father to his kids. While Jodi Santa Maria, as Maya, a baby-sitter to Mr. Lim’s daughter and at the same time a dreamer, is doing a great job to her come back break. This show is a big break for both of them and they are doing really well to this because their good chemistry is undeniable.

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4 thoughts on “Please Be Careful With My Heart wins the heart of Pinoys

  1. Hi..kakaadik ung teleserye nila…i never been so adik in a teleserye like this…kakakilig…ang dami ng karibal ni maya kay ser chief…isa na ako dun…hahaha…thank you for making our day complete…

    • Hi jingjing,

      sobrang addicting talaga ang Be careful with my heart. Sobrang normal lang kasi yung mga reaksyon nila. I never felt this kilig with all the tandems that I have watched in teleseryes. And yes sir chief is a hottie. Sana may mga guys pa talaga na sing-gwapo ang sing-bait ni sir chief… Can’t wait for the coming days… :)

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